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OH YEA!! Finally i can offer something exclusive to fans. If you don't like reading then you can watch the above video I made to give you a taste.

Not only you'll get a lot of music with your subscription - you will be part of my fan club! So my back catalogue (worth over 20 Euro) along with exclusive unreleased music delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. Along with discounts on the upcoming merchandise, photos, videos, screen shots - you name it. For only 20 bucks per year, you'll also get any new music I release in the future so basically you can't lose, right?

I also get a lot of questions about my music, how I record it, how i started, where my inspiration comes from etc and this is a way to answer them all. I mean come on, who else does that? ;D Again, i wanna thank subscribers by giving them exclusive discounts on physical merch (CDs, caps, shirts and posters etc) so stay tuned for that as well! Thanks for beeing part of the winning circle! Peace & Love!

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Munich, Germany
Winner of the $10k KXNG Crooked Hip Hop Contest!
"A highly unique performer, who in his videos, paints his face and wears dragon contact lenses"

Its Conscious Rap With A Healthy Fusion Of Hip Hop With Soul, Dubstep, Reggae & Rock

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